About the Book

My aim is to publish Andrew's work in a volume that will allow the reader to experience the full enjoyment of the three dimensions in which the images were intended to be viewed.  As such the book will show the images in their pair format and will include a viewer to enable the reader to view in 3D. 

The book will include at least 150 previously unpublished images taken by Andrew along with modern pictures of many of the locations as they appear today.

The book, which I currently expect to be 134 pages long, will first be published in a very limited private run to my own style and editing preferences.  After this short run is completed I will be seeking a commercial publisher who is interested in taking the book on to the next stage as a fully commercial production. 

These are the stages of work and the current progress: As at Easter 2014

  • Image scanning - sorting and review - 100% Complete
  • Biographical research -  100% Complete
  • Original location visits - 100% Complete
  • Location research - 100% complete
  • Writing of the first full draft -  100% Complete
  • Image review - 1st review Completed
  • Image improvements - Completed
  • External grammar/readability review - Completed
  • Full draft for review - Completed
  • Print sample 100% Complete
  • Limited run printing  100% Complete
  • Final 1st Edition Printed and Packaged - 100% Complete!!

Final 1st Editon Cover! 

On a Hill Road the 1st Edition Cover







It's a long way from those early drafts!Draft Copy On a Hill Road





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