Andrew Guthrie Milne

Andrew Milne was born the son of a railway man in Forfar on the 16 December 1869.  When he was just 12 he followed in his father's footsteps and joined the railway. 

In October 1890 just before his 21st birthday Andrew married Harriet Anderson who appears posed in many of his stereo images as the 'human interest'.

In 1895 Andrew transferred to the railway goods yards at Perth North where he worked as the cattle bank foreman until his retirement in 1934.  The pictures in this book appear to have all been taken in a relatively short period of perhaps two or three years around 1902.

This picture of Andrew and Harriet was probably taken at around the time of their marriage in 1890 and apart from Andrew's self portraits this is one of the best contemporary pictures of him.

By all accounts Andrew was quite a character who pursued quite a wide range of interests.  We have little evidence that he continued his interest in photography beyond about 1905 but in the brief period in which it interested him he appears to have taken it up with a passion.

After Harriet's death in 1932 Andrew lived with my Gt. Grandmother in Atholl Crescent near the North Inch in Perth.  He stayed there until his death in 1937.  He and Harriet are buried in Dundee.


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