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About the Author

My name is Ian Wallace and Andrew Milne was my Great Great Uncle.  I first saw and was inspired by Andrew's stereo pictures as young teenager.  I have always had a personal interest in photography and the story of Andrew's photographs were a family legend.

With the kind support of key family members I have been able to undertake the research needed to publicise Andrew's work in my book.

Researching the pictures and the stories of the people and places they present has been a fantastic personal journey for me.  Following a long trip in 2010 I was pleased to publish a calender inspired by the trip and I can't wait to be able to share the whole of Andrew's story.

This is me in the Yetts of Muchart very close to the location one of Andrew's original images entitled

On a Hill Road Yetts of Muchart

"On a Hill Road"

I have adopted the "On a Hill Road" title as Andrew used it as the title of three completely different images.  Somehow I think he saw in the title something which captured a romantic essence of what is was to be out in the countryside of Scotland. 

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